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About Us

DevOps Data Services is a Business Intelligence Company specializing in software and application development.  Our services help shape decisions to provide a clearer picture of your business by aggregating, analyzing, automating and visualizing your data to find the meaningful relationships that drive enterprise management.

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Data Aggregation

Owning your data is key in today's world.  The hurdle for businesses is the dependency on third party vendors to provide the data and its usually at the vendor's convenience.  DevOps Data Services specializes in data aggregation techniques from FTP management, API aggregation to Web Harvesting so you can focus on managing your data rather than how or when you'll receive it.

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Database Management

Having data is good; but having data in a manageable and efficient format is great!  DevOps Data Services understands the need to have all  your data points at your fingertips.  Let us design a custom data warehouse to connect you to your data.  Our SQL viewers allow a simple, streamlined way to access your data without having to dedicate internal resources to perform this function.

Analyzing the data

Custom Analysis

What does all your data really mean?  Vendors will process your data the way they feel fit, but the question is: What is most important to your business?  DevOps Data Services has 25+ years utilizing data mining and shaping techniques within the Finance and Big Data industries which allows us to collaborate with your team to create value added analysis and products.

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Repetitive tasks costs organizations countless hours a week that could be better purposed towards core business functions.  Let DevOps Data Services automate these jobs so you can focus on the truly important challenges that affect your business.

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Data Visulazation

DevOps Data Services utilizes best-in-class software to provide data visualizations using custom data modeling and machine learning.  Get rich, detailed reports and dashboards to help guide business decisions across all facets of your enterprise.


Salesforce Implementation and Tuning

Thinking about on-boarding to Salesforce?  Let us help your organization maximize the Salesforce experience.  Our experts design applications and dashboards from your unique data sets which save time, provide clarity and present elegantly on desktop and mobile devices.

Our Reviews

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“We hired DevOps Data Services to assist us with extracting and recalculating investment performance on a very large data set and were very pleased with the work that Kris and Jason did on our behalf.  We wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again for any future needs.  They were knowledgeable, responsive, and great to work with.  They listened to our needs and then developed automated solutions that produced the work in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken us to do it on our own.”

“Kris and Jason have been a pleasure to work with and their expertise is unmatched. Our Operations team felt completely overwhelmed with what was a virtually impossible task for us to do in house.  Kris and Jason jumped right in with both feet to quickly provide us with a solution.  They developed a program to pull our historical data from our prior performance vendor, identify anomalies, and recalculate the performance based on our new asset schema.  Thanks to them, not only were we able to complete the “impossible”, but it was done in a fraction of the time we thought it would take. Additionally, they have shared with us other ways that they can help us be more efficient and prepared should the need arise in the future to change vendors. We will definitely be reaching back out to them for future projects.”

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